Quests (Old World Classic, Alliance)




A Baying of Gnolls

A Bump in the Road

A Daughters Love

A Dwarf and His Tools

A Final Blow

A Fishy Peril

A Free Lunch

A Gnome's Respite

Alien Ecology

All Along the Watchtowers

A New Threat

An Old Colleague

An Old History Book

Apprentices Duties

Araj's Scarab

A Refugee's Quandary

Are We There, Yeti?

Armed and Ready

A Scroll from Mauren

A Sign of Hope

A Smokywood Pastures' Thank You!

Assessing the Threat

A Swift Message

A Threat Within

A Visite to Gregan

A Watchful Eye


Badlands Reagent Run

Bad Medicine

Beer Basted Boar Ribs

Better Late Than Never I

Better Late Than Never II

Beware of Pterrordax

Blackrock Bounty

Blackrock Menace

Blessed Arm

Blisters on The Land

Blood Tinged Skies

Bounty on Garrick Padfoot

Bounty on Murlocs

Bring Back the Mug

Brotherhood of Thieves

Brother Paxton


Carrion Grubbage


Clamlette Surprise

Claws from the Deep

Cleansed Water Returns to Felwood

Cleansing Felwood

Cleansing the Eye

Clear the Way

Cloth and Leather Armor

Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery

Coldridge Valley Mail Delivery (2)

Collection of the Corrupt Water

Colonel Kurzen

Continue to Stormwind

Coolant Heads Prevail

Costly Menace

Crushridge Bounty

Crystals of Power

Curse These Fat Fingers


Daily Delivery

Deadwood of the North

Deadwood Ritual Totem

Defenders of Darrowshire

Deliveries to Sven

Delivering Daffodils

Deliver the Shipment

Deliver the Thread

Deliver Thomas Report

Deliver to MacKinley

Demon Dogs

Desert Recipe

Desperate Prayer

Devils in Westfall

Digging Through the Ooze

Discover Rolf's Fate

Dousing the Flames of Protection

Down the Coast

Draenethyst Crystals


Dry Times

Dungar Longdrink

Dusky Crab Cakes

Dwarven Outfitters


Eagan Peltskinner

Eight-Legged Menaces

Elemental Bracers

Elmore's Task

Encroaching Gnolls

Encroaching Wildlife

Etched Rune

Expedition Salvation

Extinguish the Firegut


Falling to Corruption

Fall of Dun Modr

Farren's Proof

Farren's Proof II

Favored of Elune?

Felbound Ancients

Fiery Menace

Filthy Paws

Finding the Shadowy Figure

Find Ranshalla

Find the Lost Guards

Find 00X-09-HL!

Find 00X-17-TN!

Find 00X-22-FE!

Fiora Longears

Fire Plume Forged

Fire Taboo

Flute of Xavaric

Forces of Jaedenar

Forsaken Diseases

Furlbrow's Deed

Further Concerns


Gadgetzan Water Survey

Galen's Escape

Garments of the Light

Gathering Materials

Gather Rot Blossoms

Ghost Hair Thread

Ghoulish Effigy

Glyphic Letter

Gold Dust Exchange

Good Luck Charm

Good Natured Emma

Goretusk Liver Pie

Greatfather Winter is Here!


Handle With Care

Hemet Nesingwary

Hilary's Necklace

Highperch Venom

High Sorcerer Andromath

Hints of a New Plague? I

Hints of a New Plague? II

Hints of a New Plague? III

Hints of a New Plague? IV


Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It

I Know A Guy...

Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun

Ineptitude + Chemicals = Fun II

In Favor of the Light

Ink Supplies

Inquire at the Inn

In Search of the Excavation Team

In Search of the Excavation Team (2)

Investigate Echo Ridge

Investigate the Blue Recluse

Investigate the Camp


James Hyal

Jarl Needs a Blade

Jarl Needs Eyes

Jitters' Growling Gut

Journey to Astranaar

Journey to Stonetalon Peak

Journey to the Marsh


Kayneth Stillwind

Kitchen Assistance

Kobold Camp Cleanup

Krazek's Cookery

Kurzen's Mystery


Lifting the Curse

Lightforge Iron

Liquid Stone

Looking Further

Look to the Stars

Look to the Stars II

Look to the Stars III

Look to the Stars IV

Lunar Fireworks


Mage Summoner

Making Sense of it

Manaweave Robe


Metzen the Reindeer

Milly's Harvest

Milly Osworth


Mirror Lake

Missing in Action

Mold Rhymes With

Moontouched Wildkin

Morbent Fel

Morgan Ladimore


Mudrock Soup and Bugs

Muigin and Larion

Murloc Poachers

Mystery Goo


Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme

Nekrum's Medallion

Noboru the Cudgel

Northfold Manor

Note to the Mayor


Ogre Thieves

On Guard in Stonetalon

On Guard in Stonetalon II

Ormer's Revenge

Ormer's Revenge (2)

Ormer's Revenge (3)


Package for Thurman

Panther Mastery

Panther Mastery (2)

Pirate Hats Ahoy!

Poor Old Blanchy

Pridewings of Stonetalon

Protect the Frontier

Proving Your Worth




Raptor Mastery

Raptor Mastery (2)

Raven Hill

Reclaiming Goods

Reclaiming the Charred Vale

Reclaiming the Charred Vale II

Red Leather Bandanas

Red Linen Goods

Redridge Goulash

Report to Mountaineer Rockgar

Report to Thomas

Rescue 00X-09/HL!

Rescue 00X-17/TN!

Rescue 00X-22/FE!

Rest and Relaxation

Rethban Ore

Retrieval for Mauren

Return the Comb

Return the Statuette

Return to Jitters

Return to Kristoff

Return to Lewis

Return to MacKinley

Return to Sven

Return to the Hinterlands

Return to the Marsh

Return to Verner

Rocket Car Parts

Roll the Bones



Scalding Mornbrew Delivery

Scaring Shaky


Search More Hovels

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs

Seeking Spiritual Aid

Seeking Wisdom

Selling Fish

Senir's Observations

Senir's Observations (2)

Sharing the Knowledge

Singing Blue Shards

Skeletal Fragments

Skirmish at Echo Ridge

Skulk Rock Clean-up

Solomon's Law

Soothing Spices

Soothing Turtle Bisque

Southsea Shakedown


Speaking of Fortitude

Speak to Nafien

Speak to Salfa

Special Delivery for Gaxim

Special Forces

Stinky's Escape

Stolen Winter Veil Treats

Stoley's Shipment

Stonegear's Search

Stone Is Better than Cloth

Stormpike's Delivery

Stormpike's Order

Strange Alliance

Stranglethorn Fever

Stromgarde Badges

Study of the Elements: Rock I

Study of the Elements: Rock II

Study of the Elements: Rock III

Super Sticky

Supplies for Nethergarde

Supplies from Darkshire

Supplies to Private Thorsen

Supplies to Tannok

Surena Caledon

Sven's Camp

Sven's Revenge

Syndicate Assassins


Tabetha's Task

Taming the Beast

Taming the Beast (2)

Taming the Beast (3)

Target: Felstone Field

Thadius Grimshade

The Altar of Zul

The Ancient Statuette

The Apes of Un'Goro

The Bait for Lar'korwi

The Balance of Nature

The Balance of Nature II

The Binding

The Boar Hunter

The Collector

The Cursed Crew

The Daughter Who Lived

The Defias Brotherhood

The Defias Brotherhood (2)

The Defias Brotherhood (3)

The Defias Brotherhood (4)

The Divination

The Doomed Fleet

The Dunemaul Compound

The Eastern Pylon

The Everstill Bridge

The Eye of Paleth

The Fare of Lar'korwi

The Fargodeep Mine

The Forgotten Heirloom

The Green Hills of Stranglethorn

The Greenwarden

The Hermit

The Hunter's Path

The Jasperlode Mine

The Key to Freedom

The Killing Fields

The Legend of Stalvan I

The Legend of Stalvan II

The Legend of Stalvan III

The Legend of Stalvan IV

The Legend of Stalvan V

The Legend of Stalvan VI

The Legend of Stalvan VII

The Legend of Stalvan VIII

The Legend of Stalvan IX

The Legend of Stalvan X

The Legend of Stalvan XI

The Legend of Stalvan XII

The Legend of Stalvan XIII

The Lost Caravan

The Lost Ingots

The Lost Tools

Thelsamar Blood Sausages

The Lunar Festival

The Manor, Ravenholdt

The Mighty U'cha

The Missing Diplomat I

The Missing Diplomat II

The Missing Diplomat III

The Missing Diplomat IV

The Missing Diplomat V

The Missing Diplomat VI

The Missing Diplomat VII

The Missing Diplomat VIII

The Missing Diplomat IX

The Missing Diplomat X

The Missing Diplomat XI

The Missing Diplomat XII

The Missing Diplomat XIII

The Night Watch

The Night Watch II

The Night Watch III

The Northern Pylon

Theocritus' Retrieval

The People's Militia

The People's Militia (2)

The People's Militia (3)

The Price of Shoes

The Rethban Gauntlet

The Scent of Lar'korwi

The Scourge Cauldrons

The Search Continues

The Second Rebellion

The Shadow Figure

The Shadowy Search Continues

The Stolen Journal

The Third Fleet

The Totem of Infliction

The Troll Cave

The Weathered Grave

The Western Pylon

The Wildlife Suffers Too

The Zoram Strand

This Is Doing to Be Hard I

This Is Doing to Be Hard II

This Is Doing to Be Hard III

Thistleshrub Valley


Tiger Mastery

Tiger Mastery (2)

Tooga's Quest

Tools for Steelgrill

Toxic Horrors

Tramping Paws

Training the Beast

Translate Abercrombies Note

Treats for Greatfather Winter

Tremors of the Earth

Tremors of the Earth II

Troll Necklace Bounty

Troll Temper

Troll Witchery

Two Halves Become One


Uncovering the Past

Underbelly Scales


Valadar Starsong

Venture Company Mining

Verdant Sigil

Visit the Herbalist

Volcanic Activity

Voodoo Dues


Wand over Fist

Wanted Hogger

Warrior Kinship

Welcome to the Jungle

Westbrook Garrison Needs Help!

Westfall Stew

Wharfmaster Dizzywig

What the Flux?

Williden's Journal

Winterfall Activity

Winterfall Firewater

Witherbark Cages

Wolves Across the Border

Worgen in the Woods I

Worgen in the Woods II

Worgen in the Woods III

Worgen in the Woods IV

Worth Its Weight in Gold



Yorus Barleybrew

Young Crocolisk Skins

You're a Mean One...


Zanzil's Secret

Zombie Juice


... and Bugs


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